Anupamaa : Anuj vents out his emotions

Television 14 Jun 2024

Anuj brooding about over the fact that he is going to marry Shruti but loves Anupama. He expresses his love for Anupama and displays on how destiny introduced them collectively, symbolized by using his call being written on her palm. Anuj unearths himself torn between Anupama and Shruti, feeling remorseful for not being capable of salvage his relationship with Anupama. He states that he'll constantly love Anupama and leaves everything to God.
Anupama comes to a decision to consciousness on Dimpy’s wedding ceremony
Anupama shifts the communique to Dimpy and Titu’s marriage. She mentions the want to research Titu’s past to prevent Vanraj from becoming an obstacle. Anupama apologizes to Devika for scolding her, and Devika reassures her that existence is unpredictable and encourages her to stay hopeful. However, Anupama refuses to preserve onto any wish, while Devika prays to God to manual Anupama and Anuj at the right path.

While looking for Mahi’s belongings, Kavya finds a wedding image of her and Vanraj. She reminisces approximately their marriage anniversary and wonders how their love has diminished. Emotional, Kavya is set to hug Vanraj, however he doesn’t be aware her and leaves.

As Anupama and Devika step out of doors, they locate Anuj looking ahead to them. He informs them that Hasmukh despatched him to choose them up. Devika takes the backseat of the car, and Anuj opens the door for Anupama before taking his seat. He gestures for Anupama to put on her seatbelt. They all head to the Sangeet ceremony collectively.During the characteristic, Ishani, Mahi, Pari, and Ansh perform a well-choreographed dance. Kinjal and Toshu praise their performance. The children display that Aadhya taught them the dance steps and credit her as their choreographer. They run to hug Aadhya, who responds with happiness. Anupama watches them with love and affection.

Dimpy accused of robbery
Vanraj asks Dimpy about Titu. Dimpy tells him that Titu went to peer a pal who met with an twist of fate. Vanraj doubts Titu. Anupama talks about her issues with Devika.

Aadhya calls Shruti and stocks how she skilled the kids, and that they ended up performing properly. Shruti attempts to convey her issues to Aadhya, but the children come and ask Aadhya to bop with them. Aadhya tells Shruti that she can connect with her later.

Dimpy gets worried as Titu doesn’t take her call. Kinjal and Kavya guarantee her that he's going to come.Gulati arrives with Rahul and introduces the latter as his new manager. Toshu asks how Rahul is there. Rahul replies that Gulati gave him a higher provide, and he took it. Rahul in addition says that he is not Anupama’s servant and might’t surrender paintings after the closure of Spice and Chutney. He is going to test the preparations.The pals question Leela approximately Anupama’s presence at the wedding. Hasmukh comes and asks Leela to have a couple dance with him. The pals then pass and inform Anupama that Leela had advised them she could now not come. Anupama says once she proves herself harmless, Leela could be great.

Kavya and Kinjal look ahead to Titu to start the Sangeet ceremony. Dimpy asks them to move in advance without Titu. She dances with Kavya, Kinjal, Devika, and Pakhi. The youngsters convey Anuj and Anupama and make them dance. Aadhya gets disillusioned.

The police arrive and ask for Dimpy. They declare to have an arrest warrant in her call. Anuj inquires approximately Dimpy’s crime. The constable informs them that Dimpy has been accused of theft. Anupama is greatly surprised.

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