Naagin 5 actor Anurag Vyas has a surprise return gift for fans on his birthday

Television 08 Oct 2020

For entertainer Anurag Vyas, this birthday is a fairly exceptional one. Rather than getting 'shocked' on his unique day — similar to the standard — he needs to give an astonishment to his fans and friends and family. The Naagin 5 entertainer uncovers, "This birthday, I will astound my fans and friends and family with the new undertaking that I have been taking a shot at. It will be a return present for all their adoration, gratefulness and backing." 

While the 'return blessing' is prepared, he has not arranged any present for himself. "I am not giving myself anything, since I am now honored with all the fixings. There's no greater blessing than a caring loved ones, and a solid body," he shares. 

Discussing birthday events, by what method can we not get some information about b'day goals? "My goal this year is to assemble sound and positive propensities. I additionally need to work more earnestly and be more dynamic and mindful of all that is occurring around me. Yet, above all, I need to be upbeat and tranquil in light of the fact that nothing is more important than bliss," he answers. 

Thinking back, Anurag says that a portion of his best recollections are related with his birthday celebrations. He reviews, "Birthday events resemble celebrations for youngsters, it was the equivalent for me. Today, the recollections of the birthday celebrations I celebrated with my dad and family mean the world to me." 

He includes, "My father showed me how to praise every day like a youngster. He would let me know, 'Make every second count and God will shower his gifts on you in various manners. Along these lines, for me, birthday is an event to commend every second with appreciation and be grateful to God for every one of his gifts. As it were, each day is a birthday, as each second is an endowment of God." 

Aside from his father, Anurag additionally has a ton of extraordinary beloved recollections with his granddad. "Each second went through with my nanaji is unique to me. He was a straightforward, sensible individual. Today, when individuals state that they value my effortlessness, I need to disclose to them that I have acquired it from him. I actually recollect those occasions when he would take me along and meander the entire city on his bike. Afterward, he would get me gulkand and chocolates. He showed me numerous extremely valuable life exercises. I was nearest to him, and no one can have his spot," he says. 

All in all, what is his opinion about growing a year more seasoned? "All things considered, age is only a number. Age doesn't make a difference to me, what is important is the way completely we have carried on with our life. What causes you to feel completely alive and associated with life? I feel completely invigorated when I am with my family or in the midst of nature. Every individual needs to look for and discover his/her actual satisfaction," he answers. 

Birthday celebrations are likewise an event for reflection — when you think back and furthermore consider your motivation throughout everyday life. Anurag says that he needs to utilize his way of life as an entertainer for everyone's benefit. "Being artistes, we have more force and chances to achieve an adjustment in the public eye. Hailing from a working class family, I know the troubles that the everyday person faces each day. Through my work, I need to give work to the same number of individuals as I can. My motivation is to spread graciousness and joy on the grounds that, at long last, we as a whole need nothing, yet more bliss and love," he closes down.

Read News Naagin 5 actor Anurag Vyas has a surprise return gift for fans on his birthday

Read News Naagin 5 actor Anurag Vyas has a surprise return gift for fans on his birthday Online.