Satyaprem Ki Katha Movie Review : Kartik and Kiaras prem katha is more cathartic than entertaining

Movie Reviews 01 Jul 2023

Story: It’s love at first sight for Satyaprem aka Sattu (Kartik Aaryan) the minute he sees Katha (Kiara Advani), a beautiful and aspiring singer from an prosperous Gujarati family in Ahmedabad. But their love story isn’t as simple as Sattu might have imagined.
Review: A failed law exam, no job or buddies and regular jibes from his maa -behen (as he loves to deal with them) at home - Satyaprem’s existence is a long way from ideal however that doesn’t ever dim his toothy smile that he wears so confidently, regardless of what. His father (Gajraj Rao) is his handiest friend, who understands him. He eggs him on whilst his son falls head over heels for the primary female he units his eyes on – a strikingly lovely Katha, who except being manner out of his league, additionally has a boyfriend, who's equally rich. But Sattu unearths a ray of hope when his gossipy father called Panchayati Kaka brings him the best information that Katha’s prem kahani with her boyfriend has ended for good. Armed along with his smile and unconditional love for Katha, Sattu marches on to confess his like to her, without bothering to discover the reasons for her breakup. And that’s whilst a new chapter opens up in his doomed one-sided love tale for the female, who is harbouring a large mystery.Revealing anything more than this about the plot would be a sureshot spoiler. But allow’s just say that Satyaprem ki Katha isn’t the form of movie which you would’ve predicted it to be from what you saw within the trailer. Far from a rib-tickling comedy proposing a number of the greatest abilities from the arena of Gujarati and Hindi cinema, this movie is tough-hitting, poignant and can provide a strong message. The film falters on the screenplay stage, which is onerous and gets caught in a loop of repetitive conflicts. Writer Karan Shrikant Sharma throws in a few socio-cultural comedic punches, taking swipes at ordinary Gujarati households and their staple ingredients like dhokla, khakra and gota. But the general theme of the movie is committed to riding home a social message. While doing so, the narrative frequently drags with scenes that don’t make the great use of the competencies handy.
Kartik Aarayn yet again wears his coronary heart on his sleeve and flashes his pearly whites manner greater than required even as playing the simpleton Sattu, who believes in calling spade a spade because ‘sach bolne se pehle sochna kya’. There is no denying that gambling a relatable boy-subsequent-door is Kartik’s core energy and he does it with vast ease over again. It’s so easy to root for him even if his Gujarati accessory is everywhere in the vicinity. Somehow, it’s endearing, and sits well together with his character of a dim-wit loser. Kiara Advani has a more hard function to painting here. Katha’s tale has an unstated emotion that desires to be understood and the actress gets the accessory and the feel of the man or woman spot on. Kiara gives you a quality and restrained performance in a complex role, by using a ways the great of her profession. Director Sameer Vidwans and his creator deliver their women a voice, by means of displaying us an unconventional Ahmedabadi middle-class circle of relatives where the ladies not most effective run the house however also ensure that the men are nicely aware of the deeply non-patriarchal dynamic. But, there also are dialogues like ‘aap pe aise sau baidiyan qurbaan’ as Sattu tells his father, which is going squarely in opposition to the very middle of the movie’s message. But inspite of such uneven dialogues, the battery of talented individual actors like Gajraj Rao, Supriya Pathak and Siddharth Randeria perform their elements with complete conviction. Rajpal Yadav is totally wasted in a cameo that had a massive capability to carry appropriate comic relief. The movie’s track (Manan Bhardwaj and Payal Dev) blends well with the narrative and is quite melodious. The recreated model of Shae Gill and Ali Sethi’s OG Pakistani chartbuster ‘Pasoori’, sung with the aid of Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar that has sparked a controversy, doesn’t leave any lasting impact. Cinematographer Ayananka Bose captures the essence of Ahmedabad’s cosmopolitan, yet conventional vibe pretty fantastically.

Read News Satyaprem Ki Katha Movie Review : Kartik and Kiaras prem katha is more cathartic than entertaining

Read News Satyaprem Ki Katha Movie Review : Kartik and Kiaras prem katha is more cathartic than entertaining Online.